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Welcome to nulleads, are you looking for a file from this codecanyon -  FooEvents for WooCommerce Nulled you can download it for free here..!! all files in nulleads that we provide are clean from viruses including FooEvents for WooCommerce Nulled files, you can download this file for free..

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Download FooEvents for WooCommerce free From NulleAds, We update new contents like eCommerce FooEvents for WooCommerce.

FooEvents adds powerful event and ticketing functionality to WooCommerce. Sell tickets or allow free registration for practically any type of event such as a concert, church camp, school function, fund raiser, conference, or sports fixture. FooEvents will have you up and running within minutes. No technical skills needed!

Please note that technical support will be unavailable between 22 Dec – 7 Jan 2019 as we will be closed for the festive season. We strongly encourage you to use the Documentation and FAQ resources as much as possible during this period as there will be a delayed response when we re-open.

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FooEvents PDF Tickets

FooEvents Calendar

FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields

FooEvents Express Checkins

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FIXED: Multi-day check-in bug using apps
FIXED: Sale price bug in apps
FIXED: Ticket theme admin bugs
FIXED: Cancel order stock bug

FIXED: Bug where optional attendee fields are still format validated
FIXED: Media control conflict
FIXED: Upload and preview theme bugs
FIXED: Bug on variation stock management variable vs product level

ADDED: Support for seating settings page

ADDED: New event report features
ADDED: New settings page
FIXED: Various small bugs 

FIXED: Attendee fields required field bug
FIXED: Various other small bugs

FIXED: Ticket theme count bug
FIXED: Custom attendee reference bug
FIXED: Various other small bugs

ADDED: Support for PDF themes
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: WooCommerce 3.7.0 setting conflict

FIXED: Conflict with WPML compatibility and CSV attendee exports

ADDED: First name, last name and email address fields no longer required for custom attendee fields

ROLLBACK: PDF theme updates

ADDED: Support for FooEvents PDF Tickets updates
FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: Support for FooEvents Custom Attendee Updates

ADDED: Out-the-box compatibility with WPML
ADDED: Compatibility with new FooEvents Seating updates
FIXED: Removed tickets with unpaid status from CSV
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: Updated translations
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: Replace sanitization method for 'Ticket text', 'Thank you page text', 'Event details tab text'
FIXED: Revert config base URL path for better compatibility on various server configs
FIXED: Seating chart incorrectly set to not required when 'Capture individual attendee details' is not set.

FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: Various compliance updates
FIXED: Bug with seating chart selection
FIXED: Timestamp equal 0 bug
FIXED: Various other small bugs 

ADDED: Option to print all event tickets
FIXED: Various bugs

FIXED: Bug with selecting background color for event on calendar

ADDED: New FooEvents Calendar feature support
FIXED: .ics generation bugs
FIXED: Admin add new ticket bugs
FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: Attendee badge functionality
ADDED: Multi-day support in ICS export 
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: CSV export bug
FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: Support for FooEvents Seating
FIXED: Timestamp being set to 0 bug on certain servers

FIXED: Multi-day event date bug on date selection 
FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: Functionality to include/exclude custom attendee details on tickets 
UPDATED: Introduction page
FIXED: Empty new order notification email when creating a ticket via the WordPress admin
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: CSV export bug
FIXED: Various small bugs

UPDATED: Only admin role can now login to app by default
UPDATED: Documentation
UPDATED: Plugin option clean-up on delete 
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: Terminology new site bug
FIXED: Email template PHP warning
FIXED: Various other small bugs

ADDED: Terminology override feature

FIXED: Update notification service bug

FIXED: Image header ticket theme bug 

ADDED: Ticket header image upload option
ADDED: Multi-day check-in statuses to CSV
FIXED: WordPress MU password reset bug
FIXED: Google Maps API bug when key not set
FIXED: Various other small bugs

ADDED: Support for selected FooEvents Multi-Day event days 
ADDED: Support For colored events on FooEvents Calendar
ADDED: Added telephone, company and designation attendee fields to app 
ADDED: Purchaser phone number to csv 
FIXED: Option to not send tickets bug
FIXED: CSV unpaid tickets bug

FIXED: Barcode path bug

UPDATED: Security updates

NEW: Moved barcodes and email themes to the WordPress uploads directory
ADDED: Support for HTML email ticket themes
UPDATED: Translations

FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: Auto-update functionality 
FIXED: Various small bugs

ADDED: User role / capabilities support for WordPress ticket management
FIXED: Out-of-stock book tickets button 
FIXED: Date format bug on product page
FIXED: Various small bugs

FIXED: Custom attendee multiple event bug
FIXED: Billing error on ticket admin page
ADDED: Theme option to use placeholders

FIXED: CSV variations bug
FIXED: Ticket meta variations bug
FIXED: Version update number bug
FIXED: 10+ attendee bug

FIXED: Event details tab PHP warning

-FIXED: App login bug
-FIXED: Various small bugs

-FIXED: Multi-day extension support bug

-ADDED: Multiday extension ready
-FIXED: Various small bugs

-FIXED: More WordPress 4.8 bugs that may affect sending tickets
-FIXED: Duplicate ticket bug with certain payment gateways

-FIXED: WordPress 4.8 bug causing tickets not to be sent out on order completion
-FIXED: CSV export bug
-FIXED: Various other small bugs
-FIXED: Updated translations

-ADDED: FooEvents dashboard widget
-ADDED: Download ticket from ticket admin
-ADDED: Export CSV enhancements 
-FIXED: WooCommerce 3 warning messages
-FIXED: Ticket purchaser name missing bug 
-FIXED: Various other small bugs  

-FIXED: Bulk ticket resend bug  
-FIXED: Purchaser name missing bug
-FIXED: Various other small bugs  

-FIXED: WooCommerce 3 warning messages 
-ADDED: Export CSV enhancements 
-ADDED: Edit ticket subject

-FIXED: App bug with certain currency symbols
-FIXED: Email ticket bug on first install
-FIXED: WordPress MU activate plugin bug
-ADDED: Custom attendee fields to CSV export

-FIXED: Barcode directory not writable bug

- ADDED: FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields support
- FIXED: Various minor bugs

- FIXED: Admin menu bug

- FIXED: Critical bug update

- FIXED: Plugin activation warning
- FIXED: Blank event list when manually adding tickets
- ADDED: Directions to tickets
- ADDED: Company, designation, telephone number to tickets
- ADDED: Price to apps
- ADDED: Plugin update notification

- ADDED: Option to hide unpaid tickets in admin
- ADDED: Check if barcodes directory writable
- FIXED: Removed "Auto Draft" references in ticket admin
- FIXED: Bug where adding tickets might not link to created user
- FIXED: Hide start and end date on event details tab
- FIXED: Override template bug

- Fixed: Variation bug where only first tickets variation is saved
- Fixed: Javascript DatePicker localization
- Fixed: Various other small bugs
- Added: Sort by additional fields in ticket admin

- NEW: .JPG barcode generation for PDF Ticket plugin
- FIXED: Google Map pointer
- REMOVED: Date picker translations. Buggy, will look at a different implementation.

– NEW: Compatibility with the FooEvents PDF Tickets plugin support (
– NEW: Compatibility update for the new Events Pro app offline support (
– NEW: Filter by event name, order ID and status on admin ticket listing
– NEW: Time formats for am-pm
– UPDATED: New Google Maps API support
– UPDATED: Translations on date picker
– UPDATED: Send location to .ics
– FIXED: Fixed admin HTTPS warning

- New: Event Check-ins Pro iOS App integration - See
- New: Event Check-ins Pro iOS App - Auto Check-ins (Fast, effortless checkins)
- New: Event Check-ins Pro iOS App - Custom Branding (Set your own color scheme and logo)
- Updated: Documentation
- Fixed: .ics postal code bug
- Fixed: Add new ticket permission bug

- WooCommerce Events has rebranded and is know called FooEvents.
- Please install the latest version and deactivate the older version.
- Please be sure to download the new FooEvents Check-ins apps as the older WooCommerce Events apps will not work the the new plugin.
- You can find links to the apps here:

- Attendee name bug in app
- Various small bug fixes

- Ticket bulk resend in admin
- Attendee name bug on tickets
- Various small bug fixes

- App integration bulk edit support
- Insert custom message on thank you page
- Addition of various optional attendee registration fields
- Various bug fixes

- Various bug fixes

- .po and .mo language file support
- Option to not send ticket emails
- Various bug fixes

- Various bug fixes

- Enhanced admin search
- Resolved ticket and event listing bug in App
- Various other small bug fixes

- Various bug fixes

- Capture Attendee details on checkout
- Option to email attendees their tickets
- Cary through attributes/variations to tickets and ticket details
- Option to change "Add to cart" to "Book ticket" 
- Support for iOS App (Launch imminent!)
- Various bug fixes

- Conflict with WooCommerce image uploads.

- Added additional options to control ticket output
- Fixed bug where certain non-event products would send out tickets
- Fixed various other small bugs

- Fixed display bug with Google Maps
- Fixed bug with attendee not displaying on ticket
- Fixed bug where admin user is displayed as the ticket owner 
- Various other small bugs


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Free Download FooEvents for WooCommerce Nulled 

FooEvents for WooCommerce Nulled (Server 1)

FooEvents for WooCommerce Nulled (Server 2)

FooEvents for WooCommerce Nulled (Server 3)

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