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Shows different prices according to the user?s group. Special discounts for commercials, wholesales, Premium ?

English version


This plugin requires:

  • Woocommerce > 2.1.x (free plugin)
  • Groups > 1.4.x (free plugin)


If your need a system based on wordpress roles instead of Groups, now you have available Woocommerce Role Pricing

Setup Woocommerce Group Pricing

Check the settings on the Woocommerce > Group Pricing submenu and adjust them.

Woocommerce Group Pricing - 1
Product Discount Method:

You can select between rate or amount method.

Groups discount:

This discount is applied for each product.
Leave empty if no group discount should be applied (default setting).
Example with rate method: Indicate 0.1 for 10% discounts on every product.

Custom discount by product:

If you need to have a custom discount by product, you can set the value in product’s page “Groups pricing” tab.
Leave empty if this product doesn’t need a custom discount (default value will be used).

Woocommerce Group Pricing - 2

Basic usage

Once the plugin is installed, enabled and configured, it begins to run.
According to the group that belongs the visitor will see a store with discount prices or not, so you can set direct discounts to wholesales, Premium users, ….
An example according to the below settings:

Woocommerce Group Pricing - 3

Spanish version

Muestra distintos precios a tus clientes según al grupo al que pertenezca. Aplicando descuentos por grupos, podrás dar un servicio personalizado a tus clientes.

Crea grupos de ?Comerciales?, ?Distribuidores?, o los que necesites. Así ellos podrán ver la web directamente con los descuentos aplicados, sin necesidad de cupones o terceras soluciones.

rate it



- WordPress 5.x compatible.
- Woocommerce 3.6 compatible.


- Fixed Cart 3.0 issue


- Woocommerce 3.0 full compatible.


- Fixed an issue when values are not set.


- Updated admin section.
- Added Num. Decimals as advanced option.
- Fixed an issue with <del> tag in variable products.


- Fixed clear products cache when plugin values are updated.
- Deleted deprecated filter: wwo_group_pricing_display_original_prices. Use: woo_group_pricing_display_original_prices
- Updated admin section.


- Now you can set discounts or final prices as values.


- Fixed: commission calculated when rate is selected and commission is set to zero.
- Fixed: display both prices in admin screen.
- Fixed: woo_group_pricing_display_original_prices shortcode.


- Added textarea when you can set the text when both prices is shown.
- Fixed original price displayed when the discount is not applicable.
- Fixed the filter name from 'wwo_group_pricing_display_original_prices' to 'woo_group_pricing_display_original_prices'
- Compatible with WordPress 4.6 and Woocommerce 2.6.4


-Added option to display the original and discounted prices.
-Compatible with Woocommerce 2.5.2


-Full compatible with Woocommerce 2.4
-Fixed 'Save Changes' action in variable products.


-Added 'if in several groups' option. Now you can select a criterial if the user is in multiple groups.
-Improved the fields format in dashboard.
-Fixed variable products bug.


-Fixed multisite bug.
-Added [wgp_show_discount] shortcode to show the user discount.


-Compatible with WordPress 4.0
-Added variable products support


-Added filter 'woo_group_pricing_num_decimals'.
-Fixed: the original variable products price are no longer displayed.


-Fixed sales price if user hasn't discount.


-Added the ability to apply the discount on the regular price or on the sale price.
-Added category discounts


    -Added support to set different discounts by products.
    -Fixed support to old php version (BCMath library).
    -Fixed issue with taxes includes


-Fixed checkout resume
-Added variation product support



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Free Download Woocommerce Group Pricing Nulled 

Woocommerce Group Pricing Nulled (Server 1)

Woocommerce Group Pricing Nulled (Server 2)

Woocommerce Group Pricing Nulled (Server 3)

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