Free Download Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme Nulled Latest Version

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Free Download Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme Nulled Latest Version

Are you looking for a file from this ThemeForest - Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme – current version For Nulled you can download it for free here..!! all files in nulleads that we provide are clean from viruses including Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme current version Nulled files, you can download this file for free..

We update new contents like WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts everyday. But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Soledad WP Theme Nulled [Latest Version] from the Original Developer website. Thank you

Nulleads.COM - Free Download Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme

Credits Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme

Please check all credits on the documentation folder Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme, Tutorial, PDF and Videos Instalation include. Images not included to the .zip We only Share Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme Nulled Latest Version. For Information original Price for Corporate Style Deluxe is $79 , in Here get it For Free


Salutation is Responsive! Salutation has an awesome responsive design making it the best mobile ready WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress theme ever! Slider Revolution plugin included FREE! Weve added the incredible Slider Revolution plugin to make adding awesome layered slide shows with dynamic animation a breeze. A Responsive WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress Theme Salutation is a WordPress and BuddyPress theme. If youre not familiar with BuddyPress, its a social network plugin for WordPress allowing your website to become a fully functional community portal. BuddyPress lets your users interract through groups, forums, friends, status updates, private messaging and a lot more. Salutation has a clean design focused on high-level content organization. Its easy to navigate and promotes a feeling of user satisfaction. The well organized menus and page structures encourage a positive user experience allowing your visitors to find what theyre looking for quickly. The theme includes administration features giving you complete control of your websites layout and design. The unique and easy to manage design ensures your site will stand out and be remembered. Looking for theme support? Help and Support Post support questions to our Help Center for faster responses and better support. Parallelus Help Center Video Tutorials Installation and Setup Theme Options and Design Settings Menus and Page/Post Options Blog Settings and Shortcodes Static Blocks, Sidebars, Top Tabs and Slideshows Contact Forms Layout Manager Working with Shortcodes BuddyPress Setup and Installation All Video Tutorials More Tutorials How to Use the Salutation Portfolio Shortcode Making a Salutation Child Theme Blog Slider Widget for Salutation Customising the CAPTCHA Colors in Salutation All Tutorials Drag and Drop Layout Manager Using the drag-and-drop Layout Manager you can create custom layouts for any page or post. Attach custom headers and footers to your layouts and interchange them as needed. This provides incredible flexibility so that you decide how your site looks instead of the theme deciding for you. Contact Form Builder You can add custom fields to your contact forms from the admin options. Any number of custom fields can be created and attached individually to any form. Includes options for custom validation, custom error messages, CAPTCHA and more. Unbranded White Label Admin An unbranded administrative interface with options to add your logo to the admin as well as and other company details, set permissions to restrict client access to theme options and more. To disable access to advanced developer features you can optionally hide the developer panels before turning the site over to your client. Sidebar Generator Create unlimited sidebars and add them to your custom layouts. You can also insert sidebars directly into any content area using a special shortcode! Coded with Care The theme uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create advanced styles using the latest technologies. Proper heading tags and coding standards are used to ensure outstanding search engine optimization. We take pride in creating well formatted and easily managed code. And a lot more! Weve built this theme jam packed with so many incredible features and functionality they cant all be listed here. Find out more and see the theme in action on the Salutation Demo Website. THEME FEATURES Responsive and mobile ready! Slider Revolution Plugin FREE! Unlimited color choices Unlimited layouts and page templates Drag and drop layout manager Contact form generator Full localization (.po/.mo files) Powerful and easy to use theme options. Unbranded! WordPress 3.0+ ready! BuddyPress v1.5 ready! Popup login form Layered PSD files for customization Get News and Updates Looking for information about new releases and theme updates? Subscribe to our emails or follow us on Twitter and well do our best to keep you informed. Updates and notifications Some nice things customers are saying I bought this theme last week and it is by far the most flexible, innovative, supported and documented WordPress theme I have ever come across. Amazing work. resellerdepot I buy themes from TF like women buy shoes and this has been the BEST user experience in crafting a custom site (with BuddyPress to boot!) that Ive had. Better than WooThemes, Thesis, Genesis, BuddyBoss, PageLines, Press75, etc etc. gopherdogs Between the amazing aesthetic design and the superbly thought out backend, this theme could not be praised enough. Congratulations on an excellent job. kmahbod WOW I just wanted to get on here and say that the support forum is one of the best I have been on. Great community and easy to use. I have found most of my questions answered already there. This theme is getting 5 stars from me. Not just for the ease of use but because of the support I am getting in the Forums. I think I will be getting Mingle next. Thanks so much!!!!! findley75494 Its all about support, and I very much doubt that I could get better support than I have through Parallelus, even though, at the end of the day, it wasnt a problem with the theme at all, but with the server. I would never have solved this for myself, even though I consider myself an experienced Wordpress user completely out of my depth. After all this the big question is. Would I buy from Parallelus again? Yes, I would, with a good feeling as well, because I know that I will get excellent support. musicmovement I recently joined the // (Parallelus) family after I purchased another BP theme and it failed miserably. Ive been enjoying your product and I love that there is such a big community around support. mikeg THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.22 (January 8th 2020) Plugin update. Updated Slider Revolution to v6.1.5. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.21 (March 8th 2019) Updates. Updated Slider Revolution to v5.4.8.3. Fixed a PHP v7.3+ incompatibility. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.20 (February 2nd 2019) Updates. Updated Slider Revolution to v5.4.8.2. Removed redundant code that disables Gutenberg. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.19 (July 26th 2018) Update. Disabled the Gutenberg plugin and nag. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.18 (July 12th 2018) Plugin update. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.4.8. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.17 (June 4th 2018) Plugin update. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.4.7.4. Fixed fatal error with RT Media plugin. Fixed some PHP notices. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.16 (July 26th 2017) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.4.5.1. Fixed some PHP notices. Fixed a PHP v7.1.x error. Fixed shortcode inserter not working with WordPress v4.8. Fixed a security issue. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.15 (March 14th 2017) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.4.1. Fixed some PHP notices. Fixed some PHP v7.1.x errors. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.14 (December 15th 2016) Security update. Strengthened sidebar security. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.3.1.5. Fixed a PHP notice. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.13 (November 28th 2016) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.3.0.2. Added compatibility with BuddyPress v2.7+. Fixed a PHP notice. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.12 (September 6th 2016) Plugin update. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.2.6. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.11 (June 7th 2016) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.2.5.3. Fixed BuddyPress multi-field checkboxes being output twice. Fixed some PHP notices. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.10 (March 9th 2016) Updates. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.2.1. Added support for bbPress threaded (nested) replies. Updated some templates for better bbPress compatibility. Fixed some PHP notices. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.9 (December 8th 2015) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.1.4. Fixed stylesheet trying to be loaded from a malformed URL. Fixed PHP notice in admin. Fixed drag-and-drop in layout settings not working. THEME UPDATE VERSION (October 1st 2015) Fixes. Fixed portfolio shortcode storing thumbnails incorrectly. Fixed blog shortcode not displaying featured images. Fixed single posts not displaying featured images. Fixed image_height attribute not working properly in blog shortcode. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.8 (September 29th 2015) Small fix and a plugin update. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.0.9. Fixed portfolio shortcode not displaying featured images. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.7 (September 8th 2015) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v5.0.6. Fixed Whats New textarea automatically expanding. Fixed JavaScript error when BuddyPress not activated. Fixed some PHP notices in admin. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.6 (August 8th 2015) Bugfix. Fixed TGM class (new version) not working. THEME UPDATE VERSION (August 7th 2015) Hotfix. Hotfix for plugin installer error. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.5 (August 7th 2015) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.6.93. Fixed BuddyPress mentions autocomplete not working. Fixed BuddyPress star private messages not working properly. Fixed View link in BuddyPress activity. Plugin reminder messages now displayed only to admins. Demo content updated to fix [fn] shortcodes. Fixed missing checkbox and actions popup for BuddyPress notifications. Added support for search on BuddyPress messages page. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.5 (August 7th 2015) Updates and fixes. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.6.93. Fixed BuddyPress mentions autocomplete not working. Fixed BuddyPress star private messages not working properly. Fixed View link in BuddyPress activity. Plugin reminder messages now displayed only to admins. Demo content updated to fix [fn] shortcodes. Fixed missing checkbox and actions popup for BuddyPress notifications. Added support for search on BuddyPress messages page. THEME UPDATE VERSION (April 8th 2015) Minor fix. Added support for more BuddyPress profile field types. THEME UPDATE VERSION (January 16th 2015) Minor fix and a plugin update. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.6.5. Fixed repeat not working for default header and footer backgrounds. THEME UPDATE VERSION (September 29th 2014) Updates. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.6. Updated theme to support BuddyPress v2.1. THEME UPDATE VERSION (August 13th 2014) Various fixes and updates. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.5.95. Fixed activity stream Reply link not working properly Added better support for BuddyDrive plugin. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.4 (July 4th 2014) Various fixes and updates. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.5.7. Fixed layout and styling for rtMedia. Fixed blog shortcode image_width value not working. Fixed BuddyPress 2 members/username/settings/profile/ page not working. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.3 (April 30th 2014) Updates. Updated to Slider Revolution v4.3.8. Added notification styles. Added bbPress translations. Fixed portfolio titles and descriptions not always displaying. Fixed warnings in contact form. Fixed BuddyPress notifications tab. Fixed shortcode generator in WP 3.9 editor. Fixed rtMedia plugin conflict. Fixed shortcode generator in SSL admin. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.2 (October 7th 2013) Updates. Updated Colorbox lightbox version. Updated demo content files. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3.0.1 (September 19th 2013) Bug fix. Set device scaling for mobile browsers. Removed duplicate JavaScript for portfolio height fix. THEME UPDATE VERSION 3 (September 17th 2013) Major update to responsive design. Added mobile ready responsive design! Added Slider Revolution plugin! Updated BP avatar sizing for improved HiDPI support. Fixed lightbox references to YouTube short URLs. Fixed bbPress posts not showing in BP 1.8 forums. Fixed errors on BP activity. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.8 (May 31st 2013) BuddyPress updates. BuddyPress and bbPress styling updates. BuddyPress blog registration URL label updated. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.7 (May 7th 2013) Bug fixes. Fixed JavaScript error Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.6 (April 25th 2013) Feature updates and bug fixes. Updated for BP 1.7 support. Fixed breadcrumbs. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.5 (February 19th 2013) Feature updates and bug fixes. Added slide show layer animations. Fixed BP translation references for JS files. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.4 (December 28th 2012) Minor update. Update to lightbox script for fullscreen Vimeo. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.3 (December 17th 2012) General updates and WP 3.5 changes. Drag and drop layout manager update for WP 3.5. Updated the $content_width variable. Updated search query term in results page. Update to prevent error if menus are not set. Added condition for empty layouts variable. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.2 (November 27th 2012) Updates and fixes. PHP v5.4.x functions update. Update to avatar size in BuddyPress areas. Added BuddyPress single user Capabilities page template. Changed default $context to default instead of post. BuddyPress Single User Settings layout fixed. BuddyPress Single Group Plugin layout fixed. Fixed comments link on posts. Fixed 404 template content assignment. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0.1 (October 29th 2012) Minor fixes and changes. Various style fixes/updates. BuddyPress messages formatting update. THEME UPDATE VERSION 2.0 (October 22nd 2012) Major version update. jQuery update in WP enqueue. Modified paging for WP 3.4 home page bug Updated translation files Added visual editor support in bbPress Updated BP paging styles, layout and appearance Updates and fixes to bbPress styling Updates to bbPress template files Fixed layouts not applying to BuddyPress settings areas. Search form in BuddyPress directory areas alignment issue in IE9 Fix for custom body font setting not saving Fixed overflow problem on BuddyPress messages list. Improved content filtering and display for Static Blocks Fixed textarea height in BP Improved Template Engine for theme template loading. Fixed plugin conflicts. Updated variable references for improve child theme support. Added some extra BP hooks: bp_head, bp_header, bp_after_header, bp_before_container, etc Modified CSS structure of BP container ID and class naming THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.5.4 (September 19th 2012) Bug fix update. Updated translation files (again) THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.5.3 (August 20th 2012) Bug fix and feature update. Updated translation files. Fix for BP group avatar cropping. Added visibility support BP profile fields. Updated pagination class names. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.5.2 (August 9th 2012) Bug fix update. Fix for comment name and text not showing. BuddyPress fix for avatars during AJAX requests. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.5.1 (August 8th 2012) Bug fix update. BP admin bar style updates. Fixed BP avatars in WP comments. Fixed a bug in display. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.5 (August 6th 2012) Feature update, BP 1.6 and some other minor changes. Added BuddyPress v1.6 compatibility updates. Fixed a typo reference to header in the footer background. Modified <title> element for better SEO plugin compatability. Removed redundant or unnecessary BP functions Fixed BP forum reply textarea height. Removed duplicate ago in groups loop Added support for WP more tag. Corrected field height setting in contact forms. Changed BP group moderator name format to match BP default. THEME UPDATE VERSION (March 19th 2012) Bug fix. Fixed title element error on sites without BP enabled. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.4.3 (March 16th 2012) Bug fix and feature updates. Added new containers to Layout Manager: 2/5 3/5 and 3/5 2/5. Added BuddyPress action in Members header. Updated HTML <title> element to better display BuddyPress page names. Update to the_content filters. Style update on slide open tabs to fix 1px gap in Safari on Mac. Minor style updates for BuddyPress areas. Removed legacy saved data function from core. Fixed wrong user avatar showing in BP Activity reply. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.4.2 (February 6th 2012) Bug fix and security update. Fixed display for BuddyPress Activity. Modified settings export function. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.4.1 (January 29th 2012) Bug fix update. Fixed, the_content post type filter. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.4 (January 26th 2012) Feature updates and compatibility improvements. Added Filters for removing plugin display by post type. Fixed BP not displaying Forum tab content in Members area. Fixed layout assignment for BP Groups plugin tab. Fixed BP activity stream delete/reply comment display. Fixed issue with repeating content in Static Block. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.3.1 (December 31st 2011) Minor updates and bug fixes. Updated to jQuery v1.7 Added error checking in image size function. WP 3.3 compatability updates. Fixed BP AJAX loading error. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.3 (November 4th 2011) bbPress 2.0 support, major updates and bug fixes. bbPress 2.0 support! Updatated contact form admin for easier setup and install. Improved support for BuddyPress plugins. Improved support for custom post types with theme layouts. Updated translation files. Fixed BP activity Load more bug. Fixed BP pageination bug. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.2.2 (October 17th 2011) Bug fix, style adjustments, etc. Updated length of BuddyPress group description (from 25 letters to 100). Updated static blocks to include content ID in classname. Updates to BuddyPress template files (BP 1.5 related general modifications) Added min-width to outer wrapper for improved display on smaller screens. Fixed WP Admin bar styles to correct specificity issue (FF). Fixed background image positioning and repeat options. Fixed image resize function for servers with funky virtual folder structure. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.2.1 (September 22nd 2011) Bug fix and style adjustments. Updated references to is_site_admin with is_super_admin. Fixed delete link in BP v1.5 activity streams. Fixed favorite link in BP 1.5 activity streams. Changed height of activity update inputs. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.2 (September 21st 2011) BuddyPress v1.5 Compatibility Update Updated theme related BP files and CSS. Added theme styled default avatar icon. Updated load priority on JavaScript files. Updated BuddyPress Links custom menu options with Special Functionality. THEME UPDATE VERSION 1.1 (September 19th 2011) Minor feature and bug fix update. New feature: Get featured image directly with image shortcode [styled_image image=featured] New feature: [bp_notices] shortcode for Notices from BP Messages area. Better support for plugins making direct calls to the_header() and the_footer() Compress CSS file for base BuddyPress styles. How to Update You can re-download the new version from your account: My account > Downloads. After the files are downloaded, copy the new theme folder to your server using your FTP application, overwriting the existing version.</p> <br> <h4 align="center">Demo : Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme Latest Version </h4> <a href="" class="btn btn-lg btn-block btn-success">DEMO</a> <br> <h4 align="center">Download : Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme Nulled Latest Version </h4> <p> <strong>Disclaimer : </strong>You are in the right place if you do not have enough money to buy original software at high prices, or just want to try certain products before making a purchase decision. 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